Thursday, August 21, 2014

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A little stop at Little Italy 

We love these sunnies <3

Awesome artwork in the background!
Her face :)

A little shopping on Broadway can't hurt can it?


Kind of my everyday face :)
dress c.o. Topshop// bag c.o. Alice and Olivia// shoes c.o. Tory Burch// sunnies c.o. Claudie Pierlot

On my final adventure in NYC before I left to Chicago, I decided to sass it up and sport heart-shaped sunnies. Can these get any cuter? I absolutely love the colour of these sunnies, and the hearts make it extra cute and sassy looking. There will be links below for ideas.

Now on to the dress. When I first saw it, I thought it was a matching set (crop top and pencil skirt). The cut makes it look that way, which I thought was very cool. My mum says the pattern looks like a pattern older women wear, and that it would not look good on a crazy teen like me. But I tried it on, and fell in love with it because:

1. The colour is different and more fun.
 2. The cut is youthful.
3. The gold zipper in the back is very teen friendly.

I hope you are proud of me for not wearing the same bag :) I actually got this at the beginning of the summer, but somehow the bag did not make it up onto the blog until now. I have been looking for a bag like this for quite awhile; I saw a small bag similar to this at Barney’s, yet the colour just did not appeal to me. I knew I wanted this style and when I found this at Alice and Olivia, I knew my mission had been complete.

White is classic and easy to work with, even though it is dangerous. I do not bring this around when I go to spicy Asian restaurants because spilling is a no-no!

Take risks with white at least once before the summer is over.



Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Galactic Supahstar

One of my favourite vintage shops in East Village 

My partner in crime Valentina 

My gorgeous photographer Liv
Some shoes are just meant to be worn :)
Also a great shop in East Village!

top c.o. Zara// bag c.o. Dvf// shoes c.o. Topshop

It has been awhile my loves! Moving back and forth from NYC, New Jersey, and Philadelphia, my life has been utterly crazy. While I finally get to settle down for a bit, I decided to post my galactic girl look. I know this top was already featured in a recent post, but I absolutely love it paired with this skirt. I do not remember where I got it unfortunately, but check out the links below for ideas.

Channeling a space girl, I had to wear corresponding shoes. I must say, these shoes have made a lot of cameos in my latest posts. (And the bag :)) I promise, next post, I will wear a different bag :) While I travel, I like to make it easier for myself, so I just carry around a nice big tote.

I hope you like all of the colour I used in the look, as experimenting with colour is super important and fun. I got to walk around in NYC with this outfit, and you have no idea how many people commented or pointed at the skirt. I guess not that many people walk around in this kind of skirt right?

So while I walked around and shopped, I hit some thrift shops like Tokio 7. You can find so many one-off items there, so I definitely recommend it. Plus, I hit my main: Momofuku. Both the milk bar and the noodle shop are delicious. I mean cereal ice cream and crunchy Tteokbokki? What’s not to like?

Sorry for the late post, but try to take in the craziness of my latest outfit.



Monday, August 4, 2014

A Madison Ave. Adventure

Baked to the perfect crunchiness :)

Go Pucci!

My favourite <3

top c.o. All Saints// bag c.o. Dvf// necklace c.o. Chloe// skirt c.o. Topshop

So, I promised I would post ASAP so here I am! Still in NYC, I stopped by my main. La Durée. Macarons made to a perfect crunch, these beauties come in gorgeous colours and flavours. Who knew they would have macarons that taste like rose petal or black pepper? And to be honest, even those are good. If you aren't into trying these crazy flavours, try the "Framboise" macaron. It is to die for. To go, try a side of the amazing almonds and black tea infused caramel tea. A gorgeous place to be in on Madison Ave., I hope you try this out if you haven't. The employees are hip, ladies wearing kitten heeled shoes and pastel pink aprons.

For this look, I played with texture. The silky texture from the top, and the smooth pleats on the bottom complement one another. Both darker hues, the green bag (another of my favourites if you have not noticed) adds that colour. And of course, my silver heeled treasures. I am obsessed with these shoes. Well I take that back. I am obsessed with shoes in general.

Enjoy the look. I decided to add either slideshows or links at the bottom of my looks to give you guys ideas on what to get. Keep on dressing up loves, and wait for the wacky outfit to come.

xxx, C <3

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Yes, I Know My Prints

With my darling Valentina 

Get to it!!

Shop 'till you drop <3

top c.o. Adidas// dress c.o. Topshop// top c.o. Zara// sunnies c.o. Gucci

Lovelies <3
Here is my latest post, just a preview from my experience at Woodbury Commons. If you have not already read my last post, you may not know about this fabulous outlet mall in upstate New York. Featuring many designers, I went into this vast area to find a couple of things :) Here is the outfit I wore to the mini spree, and down below you will find pics <3

If you find yourself near the area, make sure to stop by the Celine store. It will only be here for a year (Closing in January), and I must admit, they have some awesome little treasures. Even if you do not buy the fur heels, or laser cut skirts, take a peek, as you may be surprised at what you might find.

For this outfit, I had to opt to wearing trainers. Walking all day in a nice pair of heels is a no no. Go for a pair of more comfortable shoes. It will not ruin your outfit. In fact, my neon trainers give the colour I need in this outfit. I also wore a fun elephant dress, pairing a graphic top to subdue the elephants a bit. I lovee this colour combo. Animal prints are a must!

You can purchase the Hello Kitty bag here on my fellow blogger's Poshmark:

New post out soon I promise.

xxx, C <3

Friday, July 25, 2014

Fashionably Hiking?

top c.o. Topshop// shoes c.o. Topshop// headphones c.o. Beats by Dre// sunnies c.o. Chanel// jacket c.o. DKNY

I am now an NY gal!! So I have been in NY for a week now, (sorry for the late post!), spending a week in an upper region of NY, where there are gorgeous flowers, forests, and private pools. And I thought, what better to do than to take advantage of this different landscape and have a photoshoot? So that is where I took the pics.

I love being here upstate. We are very close to an outlet mall, namely Woodbury Commons. They have everything from J.Crew to Prada. They just opened up a Céline store, but it is only going to be here until next January, so make sure to swing by if you want some of the goods! Shopping is addictive, not going to lie. Nevertheless, if you ever have the chance to go, make sure you bring at least 2 big suitcases :)

Anyways, for this look, I played in a little white theme. Some white in the background, white in my heels (you guys have already seen this shoe enough), white in the Beats, and the jacket! White is perfect for summer, and I hope you guys have already whipped it out. If not, try it! It becomes a neutral to your edgier, or crazier outfit.

I hope you try these out and follow me to my adventure in NYC, and maybe I will photoshoot in the other areas of the east coast where I will be.

Have a fabulous weekend and soak up some sun if you can <3

Xxx, C