Friday, July 25, 2014

Fashionably Hiking?

top c.o. Topshop// shoes c.o. Topshop// headphones c.o. Beats by Dre// sunnies c.o. Chanel// jacket c.o. DKNY

I am now an NY gal!! So I have been in NY for a week now, (sorry for the late post!), spending a week in an upper region of NY, where there are gorgeous flowers, forests, and private pools. And I thought, what better to do than to take advantage of this different landscape and have a photoshoot? So that is where I took the pics.

I love being here upstate. We are very close to an outlet mall, namely Woodbury Commons. They have everything from J.Crew to Prada. They just opened up a Céline store, but it is only going to be here until next January, so make sure to swing by if you want some of the goods! Shopping is addictive, not going to lie. Nevertheless, if you ever have the chance to go, make sure you bring at least 2 big suitcases :)

Anyways, for this look, I played in a little white theme. Some white in the background, white in my heels (you guys have already seen this shoe enough), white in the Beats, and the jacket! White is perfect for summer, and I hope you guys have already whipped it out. If not, try it! It becomes a neutral to your edgier, or crazier outfit.

I hope you try these out and follow me to my adventure in NYC, and maybe I will photoshoot in the other areas of the east coast where I will be.

Have a fabulous weekend and soak up some sun if you can <3

Xxx, C

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sass Queen


Get some! Midi rings are in!

 headband c.o. Saks// crop top c.o. Topshop// dungaree c.o. Topshop

So I do not know if you guys could tell just yet, but I have really been obsessed with these shoes. Holographic with a heel very comfortable to walk in, I just cannot stop wearing these with my many outfit combinations!

For this look, I just had to whip out the socks. Here is why: Dungarees and crops tops paired together have been seen alright. A lot actually. A common outfit this summer, I spiced it up with my pastel animal socks. How cute are these? You may not think this is something to make a big stink about, but trust me. It is. Socks are becoming all the rage, so start looking <3 In a new post after this one, I will post a favourites list. Get pumped! Socks will be on there.

Another tip: If you guys are planning to wear any form of denim dungaree (even a pinafore), get a printed crop top! This gives more flair and personality to whatever you are wearing. Trust me. Try it.

Good luck my peeps <3

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Flower Fest

All photo creds to Erin Jung <3
flower crown c.o. Topshop// shoes c.o. Topshop// trousers c.o. Barney's New York// nail polish c.o. Deborah Lippmann// top c.o. Zara  

It is time to pop out the flower crowns. Flower crowns have been very common in the fashion world, actually for awhile. I first got inspiration from Connie Gao from K is for Kani. Her handmade flower crowns are the best! Check her out on Etsy: K is for Kani

Anyways for this look, I paired a look with darker hues with my pastel floral crown. You know me and my little pops of colour :) The colours on the crown really give contrast to the cargo pants. The black crop top also has an awesome texture, with minute white pearls beaded onto the top. My mum says it reminds her of Spiderman, but I just cannot really see it.

Enjoy the wacky poses and my gorgeous photographer <3



Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Colour Diary

My rainbow nails!! All ten colours are from Deborah Lippmann <3

bracelet c.o. Tory Burch// boots c.o. Hunter// Skort c.o. Zara// nail polish c.o. Deborah Lippmann  

Dear my lovelies,

I have tried to be more on time with the posts! Today, I show you through a fun colour diary. Sometimes you may be in that monochromatic mood, inching towards those white tees and black trousers. But once in awhile, go wild with colour! Especially during the summer when it is hot out, whip out the neons to create a bright look.

To start off the look, I picked out a sheer/mesh crop top. It has all of the colours of the rainbows, and the colours even seep through the mesh, which I love. This top is different in that is it almost a tank top turtle neck, but the conservative vibes you may think it gives off is masked by the crazy amount of colour. Colour can change the mood of the piece of clothing you wear.

I continued on by adding little pops of colours here and there from the bright purple boots, to the patent leather red bracelet. Picking a colourful article of clothing to use as a base is very helpful, because after that, it is smooth sailing. You can build on your outfit with accessories such as flower crowns and midi rings! Use anything colourful that looks proportional and pleasing to the eye. I hope you try out rainbow nails :) All of the nail colours I am wearing are from Deborah Lippmann's limited edition so go out and buy the colours now!

Show me how you use colour through Instagram, or even a blog post.


C <3

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Mesh and Harems


That random stranger who wanted to join in on the shoot


My artsy Fourth of July pic <3

 necklace c.o. J.Crew// crop top c.o. Topshop// harems c.o. Boutique in Hong Kong 

So here is my Fourth of July look. I know, you may be wondering why I am not dolled up clad in patriotic colours, but I was not in the mood to subject to those colours. A perfect colour palette to work with (I know and I am sorry!), I chose to wear my new harems from Hong Kong instead.

This funky pattern embodies my style, and the grey mesh crop top added to this new edge. I hope you like the satin silver kitten heels. I donned them whilst walking the crowds teeming with people on Michigan Ave. I must have caught the attention of a stranger who wanted to join in on the shoot.

Always try new funky patterns, and my favourite phrase, “TAKE THAT RISK. IT’LL BE WORTH IT”. Colours and unique patterns no one has seen before are eye-catching. Try funky trousers or crop tops to channel your summer looks! Add sparkly or metallic shoes to your list if you want to go that extra mile.

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xxx, Chloe